The MusicMakers Workshop: Music Career Development

The MusicMakers Workshop teaches musicians to successfully brand and to monetize their art.  It’s about music career development. We go to school to learn about our specific professions — but are never given the tools to successfully leverage those skills in the real-world.  The MusicMakers Workshop addresses this need for the Arts community.

MusicMakers Workshops

A professor at Indiana University did a study of 1500 music graduates and discovered that only 50% work in the field of music after leaving college.  While 50% is actually a good percentage, with music career development, more MusicMakers can be out in the world creating art and living their dream.  We’ve designed a program to help artists to define their brand, tell their story, expand their available revenue streams, and maintain a healthy work/life balance.

Marketing / Branding

What is the core of your passion?  What called you? How are you educating and empowering? Behind every MusicMaker is a vision; a story that makes their music different from any other.  The goal of this workshop is to lead you back through your story so that you can define it and communicate it to agents,  publishers, and venue owners. Most importantly, though, it will help you communicate your story to the tribe of listeners who are looking for exactly what you offer and will fall in love with what you do.

  • Brand YOU: Telling Your Story

Investment in the Arts Must be Emotional  Do you really know the story of your music?  In this workshop, we’ll work on your story and how to tell your story.  From there, we’ll expand on that vision and look at your Identity (how it looks) – which can later be expanded to be your Vision Board, Imagery, Font, and Style Book.

  • Personal Pitch

Participants pitch their musical project in a 1 on 1 personal environment with music professionals.  This is an opportunity for musicians to speak directly with booking agents, publicists, publishers and the like and get personal feedback.  This event is open to all conference attendees but available on a first come basis.  Each personal pitch and feedback meeting will be limited to a half hour.  

  • Pitch Main Event

Participants apply to pitch Shark Tank-style to a panel of music industry professionals.  The Pitch Event will be run similar to a masterclass where the audience can learn from the feedback provided by the panel.  The top 5-6 submissions will have an opportunity for ½ hour slot to present and to receive feedback.

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