:: global change through education, collaboration, and cultural exchange

Our core projects span both Growth and Product. Through these projects and our partnerships, we are able to literally touch tens of thousands of people each year.

The Strategy

How it comes together…

Imagine TedX for Music but focused on actionable career development strategies which can be immediately employed.  Now add a platform or application (like NerdWallet) which allows those involved to create a personal strategy and to daily track their movement towards a common goal – financial stability.    

Now imagine that there are businesses connected to this amazing learning platform that WILL employ you if you are able to accomplish certain goals.   Those businesses are actually employee controlled and further extend the best practices already learned into real-world scenarios towards that same common goal – financial stability.  

Now imagine that there’s an opportunity to take all of this knowledge and best practices and share that with children – even if the child never pursues that specific career path, you know that the general skills are applicable in many other areas.

Do you see it?  Cool — that’s what we’re building!