Black Woodstock (by FutureXSounds)
We are the official fiscal sponsor of Black Woodstock.  As the fiscal sponsor, we introduced them to our MusicMakers mentor Juma Sultan who will be speaking on several panels and presenting historic archival audio & video.  We are also exploring options to help them with exclusive streaming audio content for attendees.

Hip-Hop Film Festival (HHFF)
In 2018, we worked with Hip-Hop Film Festival to produce The Art Of The Score – a Free to the public event at Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, NY on June 22nd, 2018.   This exclusive event was brought to you by, Hip-Hop Film Festival, New York City Parks, Hot 97, ReverbNation, and Revive Kombucha.  Prizes are Sponsored by Independent Ear.  So far in 2019, we accompanied the Hip-Hop Film Festival to launch their inaugural festival in Cote L’ivoire.  During this trip, we were able to connect with key musicians, music industry professionals, and US State Department officials.  We look forward to returning to the Ivory Coast in 2020 to help again with the film festival as well as to implement a MusicMakers Workshop series.  Later in 2019, we will be working with HHFF again on The Art Of The Score.  You can see a video recap here.

Independent Ear
We initially brought IE under the NTTS umbrella to help them become one of the few non-profit record labels.  This unique approach was an evolution of Joey Lafyatis’s approach with Green Line Records.  The goal was to align the business structure with a healthy supportive artist collective – where margins could be fairly shared across the label roster and business decisions and priorities could be made collectively.  After an initial successful one year sprint, we have spun IE off to be it’s own entity; however, we function as the fiscal sponsor for the label.

Mastering The Mix
Mastering The Mix creates some of the TOP final mastering solutions.  We specifically use EXPOSE to clearly understand how our releases (educational material and music releases) are heard in various venues and online stores.  You can immediately identify problems specific to – Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud or… The Club – and easily create masters specific for each.  We are honored to have Mastering The Mix as a key partner/endorser.   

Poetic Theater
We’ve been working with Poetic Theater to produce events that combine music, spoken word, and theater.  Poetic Theater is defining the genre of ‘Poetic Theater’ and helps to foster an amazing community of artists who are passionately creating relevant and accessible work and reinvigorating a conscious theater of language