The MusicMakers Manifesto

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The MusicMakers Manifesto

A professor at Indiana University has discovered that only 50% of music students work in the field of music after leaving college.  The study involved 1500 music students and, while 50% is actually good percentage, we believe that with the right information, even more, music makers can be out in the world creating art and living their dream.  If you are struggling to make a living from music; if you’re at a crossroads in this business, you’re about to have your mind blown.


Right Now

You wake up in the morning, hit the alarm, and go to work.  Work is good – you’re great at it and it lets you pay your bills and pay down that student debt.  It lets you gig on the weekends without worrying about eating, but even so, you know you want more.  Your Musical Muse is waiting to speak – patiently waiting for you to have time to play.  She interrupts you in the middle of the workday; sometimes in the middle of the night!  She’s still there, ready to go.


Some of your friends are touring, some have moved to bigger markets, and are making it happen. And you know in your heart you could too.


Your muse is ready to reemerge and thrive, but the question remains: how?


You still want to do the things that light you up.  If only there was someone or something to guide you to realize your inspiration.


The Challenge

The more time you spend away from music, the quieter your Muse gets.  You know how to play, you know what to play, but to make a living at it is a whole other ball game. It takes time to build a career in music, but you know it’s more than worth it, you just gotta learn the how.

The Possibility

When you know the rules of the music game, you will begin to


  • Build your own financial freedom through music.
  • Surround yourself with successful musicians, great mentors, and a support team.
  • Steadily move forward into a full-time artistic living.


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