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There are universal questions everyone asks: Why am I here? What is the point? How can I live a meaningful life? For many people music answers these questions. So how are you moving your audience?  STORY  – is basically a mission statement and vision statement.  Everything else breaks out from there!


This is where we break out Story and apply that across look and feel of everything that can be seen, touched, or felt by your audience.


Marketing is the gasoline of the engine we’re building. It’s about building, motivating, and financially leveraging a massive audience.


Revenue is proportionate to audience size. But what are all the ways that you can make money? Do you know there are over 45 different streams of income for musicians?


Building Your Team, Keeping Your Team, Trusting Your Team. What does your team look like? What are you expected to do as an Artist? Who’s in the driver’s seat?


Ever wonder why some artists just keep ascending, while others stall or burn out? The stress and challenge of maintaining a diverse musical career can take a tremendous toll on your physical and mental health.

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